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All podcasts, releases and infos, are available on this old-school web art shape.

All this content is provided by Soundcloud, Discogs, MixesDb & Resident Advisor, through the open source web service Profilart. I’m too lazy to continuously feed it manually.

You can also contact me directly that way. I reply and don’t bite. :)

Could seem pointless for lots of minds, on the era of social networks and mass medias, to own and maintain a website. On the contrary I think this as a resistance instrument face to the uniformity of the web led by GAFAs and modern UX / UI copycats designed for marketing forced, advertisement pollution, data addiction and human brain manipulation, leading to the loss of creativity and fun of the early web, and social networks that disconnects both human from themselves and the worldwide web from the real core of what was Internet designed for.

UI design is made by myself.

Background photo's shot by Victoire Cartagena, at Spiritus Silvam 2022. Live @Tribal Garden.

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For nerd technical informations: this web application is actually written in Typescript, based on React JS and Remix framework using Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion, Mapbox, GraphQL and hosted by Cloudflare. It’s also a progressive web app you can install on your device. The whole source code is now available on GitHub.

Website first released on 21th June 2020. v2 is officially released on 1st January 2023.

Some new features and improvement are continuously bring on this platform. Stay tuned! :)

In case you notice a bug, disfunction or performance issues on your web browser or device, please report it by contact me with the form, or by mail at [email protected] 

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