Published on 11/01/2018

Duration: 01:29:53

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Dj set recorded for les Sonifères at Communion, a rooftop turned into a beautiful chillout space by the crew Sport National in Paris, to close a kind of "post-rave" that aimed to gather artists & friends to enter in a freeing medidative state, connecting with the essential frequencies provided by music.

As a tribute to one of my favorite artist, I would like to call my set "babylon sur seine market mix" :)

Vinyls & USB dj set featuring timelesss dub ambient & chillout music from Klaus, Strategy, Loscil, Sa Pa, TM404, Marco Shuttle, Voiski, Abismal, Einóma, Richard Devine, Seed, and some unreleased tracks by https://myself...

Have a nice trip !!

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