Published on 19/07/2021

Duration: 01:16:53

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Dirty Epic presents its fifteenth episode of the Amplify Series podcasts, this time welcoming @cyberlife-music aboard.

Both dj and producer inspired by a wide range of electronic genres, between dub techno, IDM, drum and bass, tribalistic world music, ambient, trip hop & psychedelic music, Cyberlife, a passionate human being born for endless mind growth and music dedication, brings the ambition to shape a very personal style, surfing on forward thinking, psychedelic, hypnotic and melancholic vibes. By applying layers of effects on stretched field recordings and destructured analog synths jams on a large scale of tempos, the exploration of the meanders of the matrix of electronic music defines his director line, with an aim to find transcendance and reveal a futuristic and organic universe rooted to some old school influences. Don't look for the nerd behind this name, keep the mystery and unpredictability, and share
a musical mindtrip.

Soundcloud: @cyberlife-music


Zenzizenz - Returning from Home [Banoffee Pies]
Mod21 - Lambert [Anekoic]
Kannabi - Meimu [Khatarsis]
Forest Drive West - Hidden Past [Delsin Mantis]
SU01 ‎– USP003 [United Sonic Planet]
Mark Broom & James Ruskin - Night Nurse [Beardman]
Sigha - Where I Come To Forget [Hotflush]
Shed - Masque Invisible [Soloaction]
Regis - I see Fire [Downwards]
Konduku - The Restless [Nous’Klaer]
Ausschuss - Moonline 6a [Euphoric Rhytmia]
Human Space Machine - Distance [De Lichting]
Bandshell - Gruberfund [FTD]
Pretty Sneaky ‎– 1 [Pretty Sneaky]
Farron - It’s Only 4 Life (Realitycheck remix) [Shaw Cuts]
Surgeon - Bad Hands (Break Part II) [Dynamic Tension]
Exium - Novakron [Pole Group]
Sigha - Contract [Our Circular Sound]
Jamaszka FT - Scyzoredge [Dom Trojga]
Datafive - Bot95 [Lab Music]
Katatonic Silentio - On The Edge Of Unthought State [Ilian Tape]
CZN - Return Of The Holidaymaker [The Trilogy Tapes]

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