Published on 10/02/2018

Duration: 01:18:21

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Concept :
Session recorded at home with an ambition to show my intention to "hack" a dancefloor of festival or any place, with music, to transform its dancing nature into the one of a deep collective transcendance.

Style : From ambient to jungle through breaking dub techno, bass music, electronica, experimental, and drum and bass.

Tracklist :
Yan Kaylen - City Stellar [Exploration Music]
Mønic - What Lies Behind Us [Tresor]
Loft - Filton Recall [Wisdom Teeth]
Yan Kaylen - Suspension of disbelief [Exploration Music]
Ryan James Ford - Pegl Shant [MDR]
Robert Leiner - Aqua Viva (Edward Desert Edit) [Apollo]
Forest Drive West - Escape [Livity Sound]
Burnt Friedmann - Spinner [Nonplace]
Kane Ikin - Auto Dialler [Type]
Marco Shuttle - Olga [Spazio Disponibile]
Ruff Cherry - Sleep [Midgar]
ASC - Crystal Moon [Auxiliary]
Sam KDC - Templar [Samurai Horo]
Elemnt - Circle Of Light [Hidden Hawaii]
Oscar Mulero - Crux [Semantica]
Belief Defect - Disembling Horizons [Raster]
Concealed Identity - The Connection [Narratives]
Escher - Deep Architecture [31 Records]
Martian Man - Got A Dream [Martian Man]
Ed Rush - Guncheck [Turn Up]

Instructions :
Enjoy the trip

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