Published on 07/11/2019

Duration: 03:00:13

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Paris-based Cyberlife is our 252nd entry! A 3-hour mix evolving at its own pace from drone, into bass and D&B territories.

Here's some time very well spent!


A DJ and producer inspired by a wide range of sounds, between Dub Techno, IDM, Drum & Bass, tribalistic World Music, Ambient, Trip-Hop & psychedelic music.

Cyberlife, who got rooted years ago in techno culture, has shaped a very personal style - surfing on forward thinking, psychedelic, hypnotic and melancholic vibes. Applying layers of effects on stretched field recordings or destructured analogue synth jams, over a large scale of tempos, his exploration of the meanders of the matrix of electronic music defines him!

"My aim is to find transcendence, and reveal a futuristic and organic universe, rooted to some old school influences. Don't look for the nerd behind this name, keep hold of the mystery and unpredictability, and share a musical mindtrip." Cyberlife


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