Published on 08/11/2017

Duration: 02:47:32

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Eclectic dj set between broken-beaten techno, drum & bass, ambient, world music and experimental. A loong journey in the universe of cyberlife, a universe where music vibrates and takes a strong importance in life.

Mixed with two Technics SL1200 mk2 turntables, 2 CDJ & a xone 42 mixer

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Tracklist :

Jetone - Static [Force Inc. Music Works]
Mokira - Manipulation Musik (Sa Pa Final Descent) [Kontra Musik]
Urenga - Symbiosis [De Profundiis]
Raime - Passed Over Trail [Blackest Ever Black]
Yan Kaylen - _Field [Exploration Music]
Helm - Strawberry Chapstick [Pan]
NN - Vi Säger Ingenting [Collapsing Market]
Autechre - Foil [Warp]
Cyberlife - Triangular Vortexes (Loop version) [unreleased]
Szare - Crop Failure [Field]
Szare - Overcharged by the pump [Field]
Skee Mask - Autotuned [Ilian Tape]
Katsunori Sawa - Antagonist [The Weevil Neighborood]
Shackleton - JN Norvegen [Deliverance]
Campbell Irvine - Control Through Prohibition Or Supply [Infrastructure]
DSCRD - L'envers des clés [Dement3d]
Moderat - Rusty Nails (T++ Remix) [50 Weapons]
T++ - Voices No Bodies [Honest Jons]
Inner8 - The Irony Of Karma [Undogmatisch]
Steven Porter - Foresight To Ignite [SNTS]
Schiari - Departure [Ilian Tape]
Steven Porter - Ignorance Reigns [SNTS]
Richard Devine - Kepter [Schematic]
Objekt - Ratchet [Pan]
Al Tourette - Dodgem [ApplePips]
Cyberlife - Modern Desk Slavery [unreleased]
Zeffon - Stretched Skin [self-released]
Unsettled Dust - Formless Realm [Unsettled Dust]
矯激 - Lost Friend [unreleased]
Bishop - Inhuman Dynamo [Emission Static]
Elemnt - Water [Elemnt]
Crackle Wizard - Flanger Mouth [Hidden Hawaii]
Martian Man - Unknowned Amen [Martian Man]
Dark Matters - Mantra [Unknown Elements]
Photek - The Rain [Metalheadz]
Paradox & Nucleus - Alzora [Samurai Music]
Annechoic - looking for your gaze in the stars [Audiofugitives]
Einoma - Glerborgir [self-released]
Richard Devine - Route Increment [Schematic]
Skee Mask - Shaddy Jibbin' [Ilian Tape]
Sagat - Earth [Vlek]
Ruff Cherry - The Empath [Elastic Dreams]
Hexagon - Systemic Repetition [Transcendant]
Funkarma - Holdgaze [Djak-Up bitch]
Kyoka - SH [Raster Noton]
Boris Divider - Global Panic Processor [Fundamental Records]
Marcelus - Transient [Tresor]
Jiman - EUNDNC [unreleased]
Steve Reich - Music for a Large Ensemble


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